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Column – About RDA-NR

RDA–Northern Rivers

RDA-NR About RDA Northern Rivers

We are a non-profit, community-based organisation, part of a nationwide network of 55 regional bodies that provide a conduit between governments and communities… more »

Column – RSMS

Regional Sponsored Migration

RDA-NR Regional Sponsored Migration

The RSMS is a permanent employer sponsored visa which allows employers in regional, remote or low population growth areas to sponsor foreign skilled workers to fill vacancies in their business… more »

Column for Data App

Economic & Community Data Apps

Explore the latest statistics on the Northern Rivers economy in this free interactive tool.
Economy Data App
The latest ABS data on Northern Rivers communities in this free interactive tool.
Community Data App

Column – Regional Plan

Our Regional Plan

RDA Northern Rivers Regional Plan

The Northern Rivers Regional Plan sets out our vision for the future and is accompanied by an update of the Regional Profile and complete data sets for the region … more »



Column – Digital Activation Plan

Digital Activation Plan

Digital Activation Plan Cover


The Northern Rivers Digital Activation Plan provides the next steps as we put the Northern Rivers Digital Economy Strategy into action to bring the Northern Rivers into the digital age… more »

Column – Business and Investment

Business & Investment



The Northern Rivers is a popular choice for alternative lifestyles and innovative businesses, with opportunities in diverse areas from creative to biotechnology, tourism to agriculture… more »

Last modified: 30 November 2016 at 8:32 am